'It's important to tell his story': Yonkers DJ who worked with DMX shares memories, mementos

As fans pay tribute to late rapper DMX, News 12 is getting a look at some of the memorabilia from his long, iconic career.
The inside of DJ Superior's Yonkers home is like a music museum - and a lot of his career was linked with DMX as his DJ.
Some of the highlights include the platinum albums they worked on together, posters about TV appearances and more.
DJ Superior says it's important to keep this history to remember everything they accomplished together.
He was there before his first major hit when they would rap in the homes they grew up in - and until the end.
"It's important to tell his story....people didn't even know that," says DJ Superior.
DMX's longtime collaborator says he's also been talking to the City of Yonkers about a some sort of parade where the late rapper's music would be played through the streets where he grew up. Details are still being worked out.