Yorktown Heights man's anti-drug crusade gathers steam as NY nears vote on marijuana

New York lawmakers could vote on legalizing recreational marijuana as early as Tuesday, but not everyone is on board with the plan.
Jeffrey Veatch, of Yorktown Heights, says his 17-year-old son died of an opioid overdose in 2008, and that the addiction began with marijuana use.
"If you look at other states like Colorado and California, the stats are out there. Car crashes are up, more kids are using marijuana and they shouldn't be doing it because they're under 21," he says.
Veatch has long battled marijuana legalization, and now he's turning his attention to legislation.
"I think they have to monitor what's happening very carefully. Make sure that the money that comes out of this is going to the right places. That's one of the reasons they're drawn to this," he says.
Veatch says regardless of how state lawmakers vote, "We can decide to opt out. If you don't want dispensaries in your community, you pass a law by the end of the year and you won't be required to have them in your community."