'We're tired': Mount Vernon residents demand improved safety following deaths of 3 teens

Community advocates continue to call for improved safety in Mount Vernon after several deadly incidents involving young people.
A rally demanding action was held Wednesday, one day after the latest teenager killed in that community was laid to rest.
People say too many young lives are being lost and it must stop. They want lawmakers to try to produce ways to end the violence.
The group called Save Mount Vernon held a rally outside the Westchester county courthouse in White Plains Wednesday and they're calling for county or state officials to declare a safety emergency in the city.
Three Mount Vernon teens have been killed this year. Sergey Tonkovid, 19, was stabbed in February, 14-year-old Zyaire Fernandez was shot in March, and 18-year-old Tamani Turner was shot earlier this month. His funeral was earlier this week.
Recently in her State of the City Address, Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard laid out her public safety plan. It includes creating an Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement to pool city resources to reduce crime.
The mayor says she is now meeting weekly with school officials and many others. And there is a push to hire more police officers as well as install more cameras around the city. "We have to address the scourge of violence and crime that's crippling our city," says Mayor Patterson-Howard.
People at Wednesday's rally say young lives continue to be at risk if changes aren't made.
"We're tired. No more cutting ribbons. We don't care about that. No more saying prayer verses. We don't care about that. Because if you don't take care of it, it's going to happen again," says Jesse Van Lew, founder of Save Mount Vernon.
In response to the rally, the mayor told News 12 she stands by the plans her administration has laid out.
Meanwhile there's been no response from state or county leaders about getting involved or calling for a safety emergency.