‘We need more people to be involved’ – Long Island show creator discusses impact of Gabby Petito’s disappearance

Gabby Petito's disappearance shed new light and urgency on the search for missing persons in the days and weeks that followed - but is enough still being done?
Tiana Heath, the creator of the show "Missing on Long Island," says Petito's family reached out to her before her case sparked ongoing national media coverage.
Heath says she helps families of missing people by getting the word out about their cases on social media platforms. She says she helps five to six families a week search for their loved ones - and, in most cases, they haven't reached the public.
"I don't think it surprised me with the national coverage of Gabby Petito - I think it was warranted," Heath says. "I do also think that it raised questions on, 'OK, how can we do this for minorities, how can this happen for us?'"
Heath says this groundbreaking case affected the nation, with the main message that came out of it was a positive one.
"We need to take everybody serious. everybody matters. We all matter when it comes to missing people," she says.
The family started the Gabby Petito Foundation, which helps support people searching for missing loved ones. Heath believes foundations like that help tremendously.
"We need more people to be involved to see that every missing person should be accounted for," she says.