Turn to Tara: Leaked documents allege misconduct at Renaissance Faire

Turn to Tara: Leaked documents allege misconduct at Renaissance Faire

Some serious allegations are surfacing about the New York Renaissance Faire in Orange County.
Leaked documents obtained exclusively by Turn To Tara allege worker mistreatment at the fair and include claims of sexual degradation that have remained secret  - until now.

Some present and past workers paint a picture of a hostile work environment where they claim sexual misconduct, performer in-fighting and substance abuse are rampant.
The details were revealed in a leaked copy of the director's daily discrepancy reports to the entertainment director last summer. News 12 obtained all 99 pages.
In one scenario mentioned in the report, a cast member complained that a co-worker left her a rubberized phallus in a gift-wrapped box. Another manager raised questions about performers using alcohol and other substances on the job. The report also discussed a director admitting to witnessing a male employee spy on female performers back stage as they undressed.

Instead of firing the Peeping Tom, the director says an instruction was given out to all performers to be aware of their surroundings and bring a "robe or cover-up" when changing, a directive they claim was "well received."

There are other instances of vandalized property, aggressive behavior and unwanted hugging, along with unsafe working conditions.

One report referred to a stage platform in desperate need of repair.  Another mentioned a scenario where an actor who was not cleared to handle weapons was doing just that during a performance. The director was so concerned he wrote, “I cannot be he held wholly responsible for the quality or safety of those fights.”

The three whistleblowers who shared the documents say they are fed up with what they called inaction by management. They refused to speak on camera, claiming they were terrified of retaliation.

News 12 took their complaints straight to the top to give officials with the Renaissance Faire - now in its 42nd season - a chance to respond.
Repeated calls to management have gone unreturned.