'The statistics are alarming.' New state task force to investigate missing minorities

A New York state force will be dedicated to investigating missing minority women and girls.
Almost half of all missing women and girls in the nation are Black, indigenous and/or people of color (BIPOC), according to a 2022 report from the National Crime Information Center.
Out of the more than 271,000 missing women and girls, 43% were BIPOC.
"The statistics are alarming... We have a moral obligation to treat these cases with the care and seriousness they deserve, and this new Task Force will be a critical part of that effort," said Gov. Kathy Hochul.
In the 2024 budget, Gov. Hochul has allocated money to address the crisis that also impacts families in New York.
The goal of the task force is to do more research on what's driving the alarming numbers of missing people, increase community education and put new policies in place to change the issue.
"This taskforce will focus on educating communities to prevent disappearances, identify the major hubs across New York where abductions occur..." said State Sen. Lea Webb.
The task force will be comprised of nine people.
The team will be made up of representatives from the Office of Family and Children's Services, the Division of Criminal Justice Services, state police, as well as members appointed by the Senate and Assembly.
The new law requires the team to hold hearings and compile a report after two years along with recommended solutions.
"You are no longer silent. We speak for you with urgency to push past disparities and gendered racism until you find safety," said Girl Vow President & CEO Dawn Rowe.