Stony Point votes to opt out of marijuana retail stores until regulations in place

The town of Stony Point is opting out of marijuana retail stores for now.
The vote happened Tuesday night after a public hearing on the issue.
The board made the unanimous decision to opt out for the time being - until the state's cannabis control board is formed and regulations are in place.
"We don't know - if you can open a cannabis shop or lounge, can you do it next to a playground? Can you do it next to a church? Can you do it next to a school? Those regulations have not been established. We're not aware of them," said Stony Point Town Supervisor Jim Monaghan.
Municipalities can opt back in anytime and are allowed to charge a 4% excise tax on retail sales - a quarter of which goes to the county.
Some critics worry that waiting will mean missing out on the potential revenue.
"We're the smallest town in Rockland, there would be a small tax revenue, but I don't think it's a major game changer that's gonna affect our budget," says Monaghan.
Yorktown, Eastchester and North Salem have all opted out as well.