SPCA: Mohegan Lake woman severely neglected malnourished dog

A Mohegan Lake woman is accused of starving her dog until he was nearly only skin and bones.
Ernest Lungaro, director of humane law enforcement for the SPCA, says there is no telling how long it took for the Australian cattle dog to become as malnourished as he is now.
The dog, named Boomer, was found by Yorktown police earlier this month at a home on Eleanor Drive. He was taken to the SPCA of Westchester, where tests showed he was 20 pounds underweight and in an advanced state of starvation and dehydration due to extreme neglect.
The dog's owner, Michelle DiGennaro, has been charged with animal cruelty.
"If you are not able to take care of this dog or you are not interested in this dog, there are lot of people and rescue groups and shelters like the SPCA that will provide the assistance that's needed," says Lungaro. "We would have taken this dog immediately."
News 12 is told Boomer is doing much better and living with a foster family. He will be up for adoption once he makes a full recovery.