NJ’s move to legalize recreational marijuana raises questions across state lines

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation Monday to legalize recreational-use marijuana and to start creating a marketplace for it in the Garden State.
It’s prompting some to wonder how many New Yorkers will drive to New Jersey to buy legal cannabis to bring it back home where it's still illegal.
The New Jersey governor's office told News 12 the state will not have any restrictions for out-of-state residents on the purchase of legal products.
News 12 spoke to Luke Niforatos, with Smart Approaches to Marijuana, about this.
His group's mission is to educate citizens on the science of marijuana and to promote a health-first approach.
He says he doesn't think New Jersey's decision to legalize marijuana will have a bigger impact than other nearby states that have already legalized it - like Vermont and Massachusetts.
He does say the industry will continue to grow, and that he believes it's not a good thing.
Niforatos says the number of minors using marijuana in California since legalizing it there has increased, and that the potency of marijuana is much, much higher - sometimes up to 99% - making it more addictive and dangerous for people.
A state spokesperson told News 12 Monday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive budget includes a plan to legalize marijuana in New York to create equity for communities most impacted by the war on drugs.
Gov. Cuomo's office also says legalizing marijuana will bring in much-needed revenue.
They estimate it will generate nearly $350 million in tax revenue once it's fully implemented.