Mercy College offers program about New York’s emerging cannabis industry

Mercy College is offering a program that provides training to help those looking to get into the cannabis business.
The online certification program allows students with or without college degrees to learn about almost every sector of the emerging cannabis industry in New York.
Brian Amkraut is the vice president and general manager of Mercy College Division of Workforce Credentialing and Community Impact.
“We want to be out on the forefront. We want to be proactive in terms of our constituency…give them the skills, give them the exposure to what's going on in this industry, he says.
Over eight weeks or six months, students can get certificates in cannabis business, dispensary, cultivation, cannabis health care and medicine, and cannabis law and policy.
The courses are run by Green Flower, which conducts cannabis workforce development programs in 19 states that have legalized recreational marijuana.
“It's an enormous fast-growing industry that has amazing potential for career development,” says Green Flower CEO Max Simon.
He says these college courses legitimize the industry and help provide a knowledgeable workforce.
Since the program started at Mercy College, about 100 students have completed courses.
"This program also helped entrepreneurs start businesses, it helped medical professionals integrate cannabis into their daily medical practice and it may allow existing business professionals to transition into this space,” Simon says.
Students who complete courses are also able to access help with job placement.