Former Byram Hills HS athlete arrested for storming US Capitol

A former Westchester student is now under arrest for taking part in the Capitol riots earlier this month, according to federal documents.
North Castle police and school officials noticed a Byram Hills varsity football jacket in the crowd and passed that info to Capitol police launching a week-long investigation.
Through witnesses, open searches, and combing through social media, police confirmed the person in the picture is Brian Gunderson.
Police say Gunderson, 26, is a supporter of former President Donald Trump and admits to storming the Capitol on Jan. 6.
He told investigators he was there for 10 minutes, and he was pushed into the building by the crowd, according to court documents.
After they began looking into the football jacket, an anonymous tip gave the FBI Gunderson's Facebook account where he was seen wearing the same letterman jacket from 2012.
An FBI search of his phone revealed one message saying he and others "might be able to bum rush the White House and take it over" as well as a Google search of "Pelosi's office."
He’s now in his mom’s custody in Pennsylvania where they live, according to Gunderson’s father.
Gunderson’s father in Mount Kisco says his son is a loyal Trump supporter who was at the rally before getting swept into the riot. "Politics is his religion so you know, he's like...he's too into it," says Glenn Gunderson.
Gunderson is now facing four federal charges, including entering a restricted building, impeding government functions, disorderly conduct at the Capitol building, and demonstrating in the Capitol building.