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Family wins Mercedes Benz at Rockland Boulders game

<p>Pam Raines won a Mercedes Benz after a Boulders player hit a home run and the &quot;Hit The Star &ndash; Win A Car&quot; sign.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 22, 2018, 5:00 PM

Updated 2,129 days ago


Hit the books and you may just win a car!
Pam Raines won a Mercedes Benz at a Rockland Boulders game, and she has her son to thank.
He got tickets to a game in June after winning the 'Rockland Boulders Reading Challenge' at school.
The family entered and won a contest at the game where a lucky fan wins a car if a Boulders player hits a home run and the "Hit The Star – Win A Car" sign.
"You should always read books!  We just decided to go, it was a great shot, and we are really excited to be a part of this whole experience," says Raines.
Mercedes Benz of Nanuet says this was the first time in the contest’s three-year history that anyone has won a car.   

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