'Disgusting' video shows White Plains students beating and humiliating classmate

WARNING: Some viewers may find the video disturbing

News 12 Staff

Feb 18, 2022, 5:38 PM

Updated 785 days ago


WARNING: Some viewers may find the video disturbing
New video circulating on social media shows students in White Plains High School slapping, punching and kicking a student in a bathroom.
White Plains School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca says it is the result of childish events that happened beforehand. He called it "disgusting, disrespectful behavior" and says he was shocked to learn the students involved are all friends.
An unidentified student is told to kneel before the group. He is then slapped multiple times, punched and then kicked.
Ricca says it happened Wednesday at White Plains High School and that White Plains police immediately began investigating that afternoon after the video was posted to social media.
The four students involved are now "out of school" because the incident is in violation of the district's code of conduct.
Ricca says this was clearly a terrible decision on the parts of the students and stressed the importance of good decision-making. "Remember that these types of situations are very, very serious. You can't walk them back. Once you take a step and you make a decision like this.. all of the folks now have to come together, sort it out, figure it out. There are going to be some really severe consequences."
The district is not naming the students involved because they are minors.
No disciplinary action has been taken yet pending the police investigation.

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