3 Yonkers elementary students taken to hospital after eating edible marijuana

Three Yonkers elementary school students were taken to the hospital after eating edible marijuana.

News 12 Staff

Apr 7, 2022, 9:46 AM

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Three Yonkers elementary school students were taken to the hospital after eating edible marijuana.
According to Yonkers police, a student at the Patricia DiChiaro Elementary School brought what he thought was chocolate to school and shared it with some classmates.
But the chocolate turned out to be edible marijuana and three students who ate the chocolate became sick and were taken to the hospital.
A district spokesperson says when they learn about such situations they work with the police department and do everything to support students and families.
It is unknown how the mix-up happened or who put the marijuana in the chocolate.
Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller says edibles can pose a big danger to kids for many reasons. "They're not going to eat just one of them. They're going to eat 10 of them because they think it's a piece of chocolate," says Mueller.
Mueller says statistics show states that legalize marijuana are twice as likely to have incidents involving kids.
Now that marijuana is legal in New York, more people may have it in the home - whether it's being used for medicinal or recreational purposes. "People really need to be vigilant about this, but unfortunately we think that this issue is going to get worse because it looks like candy," says Mueller.
School officials say they work with police and give whatever support they can to students and families involved, but people who spoke with News 12 say most of the responsibility should fall on the parents. "They have to be more careful, put it away and make sure that their children do not bring it to school," says Sally Morciglio, grandparent.
"It's just another topic of conversation, and you just need to do your due diligence," says Joe Reaves, parent.
Police say there is very little they can do since marijuana is legal. No charges were filed or arrests were made.

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