Yonkers SD releases plan to welcome students back to in-person learning 4 days a week

The Hudson Valley's largest school district is releasing its plan to safely welcome students back to in-person learning four days a week.
The Yonkers City School District is preparing to bring more than half of its students back into the classroom nearly fulltime starting April 12.
A four-page letter to students, parents and staff outlines the ongoing and new protocols in place.
It includes rapid testing 20% of students and staff weekly, putting up plastic barriers between desks and keeping windows open when possible -- among dozens of rules.
The plan is to start with students who are already learning with the hybrid model first.
Moments after the district released its plan, dozens of teachers rallied outside Lincoln High School.
They acknowledged the district met some of their safety demands, like testing and desk spacing. But leaders with the Yonkers Federation of Teachers say more needs to be done like making positive test data publicly available and creating fair spaces for teachers to eat lunch and get mask breaks.
The district currently teaches between 5,000 to 8,000 students in-person each day, but that is expected to double once reopening is underway, according to the district.