Yonkers police crack down on drag racing after input from community

Yonkers police have cracked down on the continued problem of drag racing in the city, starting with a teen who was arrested over the weekend.
On Aug. 17, police arrested an 18-year-old and hit him with a list of charges including reckless driving. Daniel Vallecio is now added to a list of people who have allegedly used Central Park Avenue as a raceway.
Yonkers takes a public opinion survey every year, allowing residents to informally file complaints about their neighborhoods. Yonkers police say public reckless driving and drag racing was the top concern over the past two years.
Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller says the city is taking a multifaceted approach to putting a stop to reckless driving, including using their partnerships with other state and local agencies.
"We're always out there ... and the time frames and the days of the week are also relevant to us in terms of drag racing," says Mueller. "You can prevent it. You have to put your people where they need to be."