Yonkers police: 12 gang members arrested in connection to drugs, murders, stabbings

Twelve suspected gang members with ties to drug trafficking and murders have been arrested in Yonkers, police say.
In partnership with Westchester County police, Yonkers police say they used precision policing to identify and arrests these alleged gang members who they called "bad guys."
Twelve of the 14 identified suspects are now in custody following a six-month undercover investigation called Operation Elm Sweep.
Officials say these men and teens operated in and around the Elm Street corridor engaging in the sale of drugs, including crack cocaine.
Some of them are also allegedly connected to violent incidents including recent murders, attempted murders, stabbings and felony assaults.
They say two of the defendants were present at the bodega where a Yonkers police detective was shot. Officials say taking them off the street means less drugs and a safer community.
Police began making these arrests last Tuesday. They tell News 12 the defendants combined have more than 100 arrests, 56 convictions and 20 open cases. "There is definitely a correlation between drugs and guns. When you disrupt drug operations, it's less opportunity for somebody to be on the street committing a violent felony," says Yonkers Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza.
Police did not go into details of which defendant is connected to which crime but did say they expect to arrest the two remaining defendants, who were at large, and expect additional arrest to be made.