Westchester Disabled on the Move gets $35K grant for 'My Home, Not Nursing Home"

The nonprofit Westchester Disabled on the Move has received a grant from the county to fund its “My Home, Not Nursing Home" program.
The organization said the purpose of the program is simple.
"[It] is to keep people out of nursing homes and help them to remain independent in the community," said Maria Samuels, executive director of Westchester Disabled on the Move.
The program primarily focuses on keeping elderly and individuals with disabilities out of nursing homes. Samuels added that the $35,000 grant will help them continue to provide support services to them.
"It is so needed for this to be done because there are people who are actually trapped in the nursing home because they think that's the only option," Samuels said.
The program helped Marcus Blacknall transition back to the community after living in a nursing home for four and half years. He lived in one because he said he had a motorcycle accident in 2010.
"I suffered a traumatic brain injury," Blacknall said.
While he enjoyed some perks of living in a nursing home, Blacknall told News 12 that he prefers his life at his apartment much more.
"I'm still a young man. I deserve a quality way of life, so to come to where I could say, 'You know what? I want to go outside. I need some fresh air,' whenever I desire, that means a lot. Mental health is everything," he said.
Blacknall added that he still needs some assistance at his apartment, so he has a home healthcare aide. However, he said he pretty much lives an independent life again because of the program.
"You know, when you get elder and you need to be there, that's one thing. But when you can still live outside in the community and have a quality way of life, that's what you should do," Blacknall said.