Perfect weather continues Sunday, sunny near 82; rain returns Monday

Storm Watch Team Mike Rizzo says the beautiful weather will continue on Sunday.
NEW: Tracking possible showers and unsettled weather for Tuesday and Wednesday
SUNDAY: Sunny and beautiful. Thin clouds. Highs near 81. Lows near 65.
MONDAY: Mostly cloudy with sunny breaks. Highs near 78. Showers likely, but scattered. Lows near 65.
TUESDAY - WX TO WATCH: Mostly cloudy with showers in the area. Highs near 77. Lows near 63.
WEDNESDAY - WX TO WATCH: Cloudy with periods of rain. Possible coastal storm, but not certain at this time. Highs near 79. Lows near 63.
THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy. Highs near 83. Lows near 68.
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and warmer. Highs near 86. Lows near 69.