Thunderbolt 12: Westchester highways dry out following nearly 1.5 inches of rain

News 12 Lisa LaRocca was in Thunderbolt 12 all morning and found that heavy rain and gusty winds overnight caused some treacherous driving condition across the region this morning.
Nearly 1.5 inches of rain fell overnight, causing deep ponding on many roadways for this morning’s commute.
Officials urged driving to reduce speed and be aware that puddles can be deeper than they appear, potentially leading to hydroplaning or even stalling your vehicle.
The good news is that none of the Westchester major arteries had to be shut down because of flooding.  Also, since temperature stayed above 32 degrees, there wasn’t any icing on the roads.
Breezy conditions following the rain clouds are helping dry of the roads, but officials are still urging caution for side roads that may be covered in wet, slick leaves.
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