SUNY Purchase aims to keep students safe as they head home for holidays

College students are gearing up to head home for the holidays, and Purchase College is trying to make sure they do it safely.
Purchase College, along with other SUNY schools, are all conducting "exit tests" to prevent students from spreading the virus once they leave campus.
Students say it's not just about protecting their families at home, but also the people they encounter on the way there.
If any student does test positive, the school immediately notifies them and retests them, to be sure about the results.
If positive for a second time, the school encourages them to stay on campus and quarantine for two weeks - but the decision is ultimately up to the students and their parents and the county Department of Health.
Private colleges and universities are using similar protocols.
Pace University is ramping up testing and highly recommending everyone get it done on campus, for free, before leaving for the holiday.
Manhattanville College and Marist College are also providing testing in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.
Purchase College says it is already prepared with more tests for when students get back.