Spring Valley police seek public's assistance with cold case

Spring Valley police are asking for the public's help in solving a homicide that happened one year ago.
28-year-old Juvenson Paul was shot and killed on Jan. 21, 2020, while driving his car near the intersection of Ewing Avenue and Prospect Street.
“When we arrived on the scene, we came upon Juvenson being killed in his car and he then subsequently crashed his car into a house,” says Detective Yakow Polowin.
Police say the few leads they’ve investigated provided nothing concrete. They hope a renewed push to the public will provide new information.
According to the detective, “It doesn't give us any direction to go in and it's made it really difficult to do anything with this homicide.”
News 12 is told the railing Paul crashed into is still bent as the case remains cold. 
"If there’s anything anyone knows, small or large, they can anonymously leave a tip for us and maybe it will help the family have some closure,” says Polowin.
Paul’s family was too fearful to speak with News 12 on camera, but they say they’re frustrated that there have been no arrests.
Anyone with information is asked to come forward and call officials at 845-356-7400.