Separate area for fans in Clarkstown’s ‘Supervisor’s Cup’ stirs controversy

Fans were kept in separate areas during the “Supervisor’s Cup” matchup between Clarktown North and Clarkstown South Friday night – causing quite a stir online.
Fans of Clarkstown South, where the game was held, were wearing yellow and sitting in their stands. Fans of Clarkstown North were place in a roped-off section at one end of the field.
Many parents took to social media to express frustrations on the Clarkstown Community Facebook page.
One parent wrote, "My daughter said the South kids were just as upset as the North kids. They are all friends. This is a disgrace."
Another Facebook user speculated that the move was made to prevent fights in the stands.
News 12 reached out to the Clarkstown Central School District and police for comment.
As for the game, Clarkstown South took down Clarkstown North, 7-0, for their fourth consecutive Supervisor’s Cup victory.