Sen. Murphy proposes delaying of Indian Point closure

A Westchester state Senator is proposing a plan to delay the closing of Indian Point nuclear power plant.
State Sen. Terrence Murphy is proposing delaying the closing of the plant until at least 2030.
The Buchanan nuclear power plant is set to close in 2021 following an agreement reached last year by New York state, Indian Point owner-operator Entergy and the environmental group Riverkeeper.
"You just don't go in and decimate an entire school district and an entire village. It's not right, and there are still too many questions that need answers,” Murphy said in a statement.

The president of Riverkeeper says that residents will be safer and more secure when Indian Point closes in 2021.
Buchanan Mayor Theresa Knickerbocker says she’s all for delaying the closure of Indian Point.

"That would take a lot of pressure off. It would give us time to really mitigate everything,” she says.

Murphy is expected to bring up his proposal at the next meeting of the New York state Indian Point Closure Task Force.