Protect the Result rallies demand that every vote be counted

A large crowd in Peekskill demanded every single vote be counted on Wednesday,

News 12 Staff

Nov 5, 2020, 4:01 AM

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Protect the Results rallies are taking place all across the country after President Donald Trump made it clear that he does not want absentee and mail-in votes to continue to be counted in battleground states.
A large crowd in Peekskill demanded every single vote be counted on Wednesday.
They say this is about protecting the nation's democratic ideals in which Americans pick their president, and the tradition of a peaceful transition of power.
There was another rally in Sleepy Hollow Wednesday afternoon.
What's clear is some people are infuriated with President Trump for saying Tuesday night - while many were asleep - that the election was essentially over and that he was victorious.
The protesters said he can't decide that votes should and should not be counted to benefit his reelection.
That race and a number of local elections are very close - and absentee and mail-in ballots could determine the outcome.
Rockland County won't begin counting absentee ballots until Friday. Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties will count them next week.
The Westchester County Board of Elections says it received two court challenges from candidates in the 38th and 40th state Senatorial District races Wednesday.
"There are close races in this county and we need to ensure that anyone who voted on the machine yesterday during the election or to early voting ... that their absentee ballot -- if they did request one and returned one -- it will be counted," said Douglas Colety and Reginald Lafayette, the Republican and Democratic commissioners of the Westchester Board of Elections.

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