Police: Man threatened, spit on father and daughter on D train in Fordham

Police say they are searching for a man who threatened and spit on a father and daughter while on the D train in Fordham.
Police say there was a man allegedly smoking marijuana on the southbound D train. A father traveling with his 4-year-old daughter asked the man to stop smoking on the train and that's when the man reportedly started yelling, showed a knife, and then spit at them.
In a video released by police, the suspect spit toward the father and daughter and reaches into his bag to grab what appears to be a knife. He gets up out of his seat and goes toward the father and daughter.
Police say the incident happened Sunday afternoon just before 3:30 p.m. Things escalated once the train approached Fordham Road, leading the father and daughter to get off the train at that stop.
The suspect stayed on board the southbound train after the incident.