Police departments across county turn to Westchester DA for answers about new marijuana law

Marijuana is now legal in New York, but some people - and even police departments - have questions about the law.
Police departments across Westchester have already been in contact with the county district attorney looking for answers because there are some areas of the law that are not black and white, but more like shades of gray right now.
It's currently legal to possess less than 3 ounces of marijuana if you're 21, and it's legal to smoke it in areas where tobacco is allowed.
However, it isn't legal to sell it yet. It's also not legal to use it and get behind the wheel, but that part of the law is not fully fleshed out yet.
That's why the District Attorney Mimi Rocah has been in contact with police departments to clarify the new rules - where she can.
"Like any change in anything, but particularly the law, there's going to be the first round of clear cut and then we'll see what takes more nuance and analysis, and if there are changes that need to be proposed the same as with bail reform, we'll propose them and support them if public safety is really at risk," says Rocah.
It won't be legal to sell marijuana in New York until 2022, and it likely won't be legal to grow it in your house for non-medical reasons until 2023.