Paramedic saved by co-workers after suffering heart attack on bike ride

An Empress paramedic from Yorktown is recovering after being saved by his fellow paramedics. 
Officials say paramedic Matthew Tuttle went on a 30-mile bike ride with two co-workers a few weeks ago.
That's when the father of two suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest,.
His fellow bikers and other responders jumped into action to resuscitate him. "It’s amazing what I went through, I shouldn’t be here, but I am," says Tuttle.
"I couldn’t believe a fellow paramedic......was now a patient," says paramedic Bill Rothschild.         
Tuttle is still recovering, but is thankful to his fellow paramedics for saving him. "I got two stents, I was shocked twice, and I found out later on everyone who helped," says a thankful Tuttle.