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Over 400 parents demand Lakeland schools return to full-time in-person learning

The Lakeland Central School District oversees eight schools with over 5,000 students.

News 12 Staff

Feb 17, 2021, 5:31 PM

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More than 400 Lakeland School parents are demanding their kids return to in-person learning five days a week.
Five parents wrote a letter to the district demanding that kids return to school full time. So far, more than 400 parents have signed in agreement.
The letter is a long one and lists out pages of comments from parents that give you an eye into what their children are going through mental and physically with remote learning. Things like:
•          Lacking social interaction
•          Anxiety & depression
•          Falling behind
The Lakeland Central School District oversees eight schools with over 5,000 students. Currently, they are on a hybrid model like many other districts.
Kids are in school physically two days a week. Parents say they want five days in school as an option. "We are starting to allow some riskier activities such as some attendance in stadiums, high-risk sports in the high schools, things of that nature, so I think that school is essential," says parent Marissa DePierro.
The parents will give the letter to the school district at the next board meeting, which is scheduled for next Thursday. "The hope is that the district will encourage parent involvement as equal stakeholders in the reopening process like other districts have done. Bring the parents and the teachers and the administration together to find practical solutions to embrace schools reopening like other districts have done," says parent Dan Knoblich.
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brendan Lyons says the district hasn’t received the letter, but is aware that families and students are struggling with remote learning. In a statement, she says, in part, they would like to increase in-person learning, but are evaluating when the time is right. “Make no mistake, we agree that in-person learning is best for students under normal circumstances. However, the District has been operating under the conditions created by the COVID-19 global pandemic and prioritizing the health and safety of students, staff and families by adhering to guidance from the CDC, NYDOH, Westchester DOH, and our district physician. With the increase in vaccination availability and rapid testing supplies, as well as the declining case positivity rates, we are hopeful that the NY DOH will provide updated and unambiguous guidance to schools on the issue of social distancing in the near future. I look forward to providing an update to the Board of Education at next Thursday's meeting."  

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