Officials: Fentanyl recovered in bust was enough to kill ‘thousands of people’

Authorities say fentanyl recovered in a multi-agency, undercover bust in Port Jervis this week was enough to kill 3,000 people - if ingested. 
The operation is part of an effort to crack down on what they say is a deadly narcotic trafficking ring from Paterson, New Jersey to Port Jervis. 
“There appears to be a pipeline and has been for several years, directly between Paterson, New Jersey, and Port Jervis,” said Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler. “This year was a targeted approach in trying to stem that, specifically going after two high-level dealers.” 
The two men arrested, 22-year-old Khalif Johnson and 19-year-old Zakhi Jenkins, are from Paterson and are being held without bail. 
Johnson and Jenkins are charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. 
Authorities say the men sold 650 bags of fentanyl to undercover officers in Port Jervis from June to July. 
Altogether 1,500 bags of fentanyl and 3 ounces of crack-cocaine were seized during the operation, according to officials.  
Port Jervis Police, the Orange County Sheriff’s office and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office aided in the operation. 
Officials say fentanyl caused 140 deaths in Orange County in 2021.