NYS Dept. of Health visits Rockland amidst Suez Water complaints

The state Department of Health visited Rockland County today to test tap water after residents complained about taste and smell.
“I can’t believe something that smells and tastes that bad is safe to drink,” says Nicole Gerber.
State Sen. David Carlucci said the Health Department tested Suez Water from Lake DeForest Reservoir for unhealthy bacteria levels.
News 12’s Sarah Toland caught up with the company’s spokesperson, Bill Madden, who said he welcomes the state’s testing.
“We're confident our water meets all safety standards,” says Madden.
However, homeowners worry that they may become ill if they continue to consume the water.
“I'm hearing cancer-causing elements are in there, I'm hearing toxic elements are in there,” says Marisa Roelas.
Carlucci wants the state to step in again and demand Suez issue customers a credit for their water, adding that the company charges more per month than any other supplier in the state.
“We cannot take this lying down. We have to make sure we step up, protect our water quality and demand more from Suez,” says Carlucci.
News 12 confirmed that the water company does not plan to issue refunds at this time.
Carlucci says the state will release results of its independent testing by the end of the week.