Newburgh supervisor says potholes on state roads in town are ‘horrendous’

News 12 is on pothole patrol in the Town of Newburgh where the supervisor describes the road conditions as “horrendous.”
A resident alerted News 12 to the potholes on the town’s five state-owned roads on Route 300, 32, 9W, 17K and Route 52.
Supervisor Gil Piaquadio says he’s alerted the state Department of Transportation, but the state-owned roads have become so bad that town Highway Department crews had to fix one stretch of Route 52 over the weekend after four cars hit the same pothole in an hour.
“We can’t allow dangerous conditions to exist, and I think we got here because these roads were never paved when they should’ve been years ago,” says Piaquadio.
Piaquadio says the state-owned roads in town should have been repaved three to five years ago.
“It’s horrendous. Just unsafe traveling conditions for anyone traveling in the Town of Newburgh,” Piaquadio says.
News 12 reached out to the DOT for more information but did not immediately receive a response.