Neighbors spar after Donald Trump Halloween display in Cortlandt Manor

A Halloween display is pitting neighbor against neighbor in Cortlandt Manor.
The Halloween displays a tombstone with the words “D. Trump Burn in Hell.” Next to the grave marker is a mock crime scene roped off with yellow tape, and something that resembles a body wrapped in a trash bag.
"Halloween is supposed to be fun, not about trying to kill the president of the United States,” says Theresa Gucciardo-Perry.
Neighbors like Gucciardo-Perry who live near the home on Cross Lane say the display is distasteful. She says the display is inappropriate and that it needs to be taken down immediately.
News 12 took her complaint directly to the homeowner, who says his name is Fabian, and explained to him that his graveyard offended some neighbors. He started a conversation with Gucciardo-Perry, but a verbal fight about politics ensued.
Fabian was very apologetic and said he was sorry if it bothered anyone. He promised to remove the Trump crime scene, but the decorations were still standing when News 12 left the village.