Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh applies for 400 COVID-19 vaccines

Colleges statewide are now applying to receive thousands of vaccines earmarked for students, despite the pause announced Tuesday on Johnson & Johnson vaccines.
A total of 35,000 vaccines will be distributed to SUNY and private colleges throughout the state - in New York's effort to vaccinate students and young adults before the end of the spring semester.
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Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh has applied for 400 vaccines.
College President Jason Adsit says he's unsure how the Johnson & Johnson rollback will affect availability but hopes other brands will be available.
"We will follow the guidance and see what happens, but certainly it gives everyone pause when something like that is occurring. We will give it the next few weeks, hopefully they'll be able to work all of that out and perhaps have an alternative for us and our students," he says.
Gov. Andrew Como announced Monday that vac