Massive renovation plans unveiled for Penn Station

Leaders of New York and New Jersey unveiled massive plans for Penn Station today.
The renovations include plans to transform the busy station into a world-class hub that will put commuters and communities first. "We are taking an enormous step toward righting one of the wrongs of the past 60 years," said Gov. Kathy Hochul.
Hochul, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and transit officials gathered Thursday morning to announce the latest plans to renovate Penn Station.
The decades-old transit hub links the Metropolitan Transit Authority, NJ Transit, and Amtrak trains with the city's subway system in a claustrophobic maze of cramped, confusing corridors.
The plan is to change it from a cramped two-story structure to a sweeping single-level train hall - but that's not all.  The revised plan also addresses the area's housing crisis with 1,800 residential units and 540 of them to be permanently affordable. "Combined, the new buildings will add over 18 new entrances to Penn Station, widen sidewalks, create more public space, and requires that 40% of every new building frontage will be active use," says Hochul.
The governor said the previous redesign plan has been revised based on community feedback.
Calling this a significant milestone in the progress to transform Penn Station, the governors and mayor announced they are officially moving into the design phase of the station and will begin accepting proposals from architecture and engineering firms.
"We are truly in a once-in-a-generation moment to remake our transportation infrastructure and secure our entire regions economic preeminence for decades to come," said Murphy.
"This Penn station development is crucial for us. It's our Empire State Building moment. Because no matter who we are and what we do, transportation is at the heart of our ability to live a prosperous life," said Adams.
Proposals for the redesign will be due by end of July, and a firm will be selected by late summer early fall.