Local artists collaborate on Black Lives Matter mural in Yonkers

Students and prominent artists collectively designed a Black Lives Matter art project that speaks volumes.
The mural is called ‘The Legacy Model’ and came about by way of Evan Bishop and Takori Walker. It's located outside of Yonkers' Nepperhan Community Center.
“Street art, in my opinion, should be something that engages the community around it,” says Bishop. “My focus was focus on the leaders at the top.”
His partner, Takori, was tasked with focusing on the adinkra symbols toward the bottom.
News 12 is told part of the goal of the Legacy Model project was to create a direct link from West African symbols to historic figures.
“I wanted them to have the message that they are worthy and that they can make a difference in the community no matter what people say,” says one of the designers.
Travis Okwando, 11, says helping with the project has inspired him to strive for his dreams, saying in part, “Keep trying, doing your best and you can be like people.”
Dr. Jim Bostic, of the Nepperhan Community Center, says Okwando sees the mural as his personal responsibility to stand guard so that others may be just as inspired.
“It serves as motivation to our young people that they can achieve and get to the highest place in the land,” says Bostic.
The artists tell News 12 if there’s one message that they hope the community will gain from the mural, it’s to dream big, aim high and change the world.