Lights and sirens mark procession for slain VA officer brought home to Walden

A police officer slain in Virginia was brought home to the Hudson Valley for the last time Friday, with a miles-long escort complete with lights, sirens and loved ones paying their respects.
Officer Dominick 'Nick' Winum was fatally shot during a traffic stop in Stanley, Virginia, on Feb. 26. He was 48 years old.
Winum, who was a married father of four and a grandfather, grew up in Walden and graduated from Valley Central High School.
Some people awaited the procession for nearly two hours to honor Winum.
"I was devastated to have this happen to a friend, a friend's brother," said Cathy Muller, of Walden. "I also have family in law enforcement and would never want this to happen to someone else."
His casket was escorted by members of Walden and state police, along with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, among others.
A private burial service will be held Saturday at the Wallkill Valley cemetery.