Law enforcement agencies team up to combat gun violence, gang activity in Westchester

Federal, county and local law enforcement agencies are joining forces to combat gun violence and gang activity in Westchester County.
In an effort to prevent these crimes from escalating in Westchester, District Attorney Mimi Rocah is taking a proactive approach.
Her office is launching a new initiative with federal and local law enforcement agencies for a massive crackdown.
"By staying ahead of the curve, targeting repeat violent offenders and working collaboratively we will add to the efforts of our hard-working police departments and keep our communities safe," says Rocah. "In Yonkers, we've had nine gang violent shootings identified to be gang violence."
Yonker Police Commissioner John Mueller says part of the solution is to change legislation on how to deal with adolescent offenders.
"We're not talking about saying family court is not an option. But the way the law is right now, we're seeing over and over again these adolescents committing violence.. being used by older gang members and then perpetrating violence on victims," he says.
The FBI's Westchester Safe Streets Task Force is also a part of the join collaboration to combat violence crimes.
"Together with our partners we will fish with a spear not a net, and we will focus on those who terrorize our neighborhoods through their senseless acts," says Jacqueline Maguire, of the FBI.
The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, as well as the New Rochelle and Mount Vernon police departments, are also part of the new initiative.