Latimer: 'It’s safe to be here, it’s safe to shop here'

Westchester County Executive George Latimer believes everyone should be cautious in the wake of the coronavirus, but he insists people should continue to live the way they used to.
Local businesses are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, especially in Bronxville.
Business at the Elite Nail and Spa Salon in Bronxville used to be booming. But in recent weeks, they say 80% of their customers are staying away due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer was in Bronxville Tuesday to do a little shopping of his own, right across the street from Lawrence Hospital, where the first patient with the virus was treated.
He believes the fears about the coronavirus may be overblown and could begin to hurt small business, so he's encouraging shoppers support their local retailers.
“It's safe to be here, safe to shop here, safe to eat here. The contagion we are dealing with, we are trying to deal with at different levels of government but not affect the way you go about your business every day," says Latimer.
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