Latimer advocates for new MTA study on direct access to Penn Station

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is urging the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to undertake a fresh study focusing on establishing direct access to Penn Station from the Metro-North Hudson Line.
Latimer voiced his approval for the advancements achieved through the Access Project on the New Haven Line and feels it's now opportune to initiate a similar endeavor on the Hudson River side. During a news conference in Yonkers, Latimer was joined by Mayor Mike Spano and other city officials to discuss the potential benefits of such a project.
"That could cut the commute time for a number of people, and it serves as an attraction-- where a person's moving into the area-- often times decides what suburbs they may look at based on the ease of their commute," says Latimer.
Latimer believes that the expansion could bring real benefits to the riverside communities.