Impending wind and rain threatens holiday air travel plans

It's expected to be a record-breaking week for air travel across the United States with an estimated 4.7 million people flying to their Thanksgiving destination this holiday week.
Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be the busiest travel days, according to AAA.
At Westchester County Airport Tuesday afternoon, cars lined up near the entrance where drivers were dropping off and picking up travelers.
"Very busy, very hectic here today," said Westchester native Keith Donahue, who was dropping off family headed back home to San Diego. "I fly in here a lot and its more busy than I've seen in a long time."
Many travelers said they wanted to leave early to get a jump start on Thanksgiving plans.
Others said they are thankful to be missing the impending wet weather overnight.
"I'm really excited we got out early today before the rain starts later this afternoon," said Armonk resident Susan Haas.
Airport manager Francisco Tejada said they are prepared for whatever mother nature throws their way.
"We bring extra staffing overtime we have extra traffic control terminal management customer service," he said.
Tejada recommends arriving two hours early for your scheduled flight, even if it's delayed.
"There are alot of moving parts with the FAA and airspace things change sometimes a delayed flight can get moved up," said Tejada.
For those bringing a dish to their final destination the TSA has some tips.
If your dish is solid like pies, stuffing and meat, those items can carried onto the play.
Items that are liquid or gel-like, like cranberry sauce, should be checked with bags.