Hudson Valley DPWs prepare safety strategies ahead of impending storm

As an impending storm threatens travel this Saturday, DPWs across the Hudson Valley are strategizing to ensure public safety.
The initial significant storm of the season poses unique challenges, prompting officials to carefully plan their response.
Factors such as the type of precipitation (ice, snow, rain), appropriate road treatment methods (brine, salt, sand), required truck types, and expected accumulation are all being considered. Priority is being given to key roadways.
"We've been putting plows on all week, prepping all the trucks, we started brining yesterday," says White Plains Highway and Park Superintendent Angelo Finateri.
"We try to be as organized as possible so that when the time comes, we're just ready to go," says White Plains DPW Commissioner Stefania Mignone.
Officials note a silver lining in the forecast, anticipating fewer drivers on the road due to the storm occurring on a Saturday night. However, they strongly advise against unnecessary travel, urging residents to stay home and allow road crews to efficiently clear and treat the roads.
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