Hendrick Hudson School District parents divided on change of school proposal

A new plan to change which elementary school students in the Hendrick Hudson School District attend is being met by support by some parents -- but not all.
There are three elementary schools in the district with kindergarten through fifth grade students in each.
The district is proposing to have one school with students in kindergarten and first grade, another for second and third graders, and one more for fourth and fifth grade students.
Unfortunately, this plan includes laying off numerous teachers as a result of Indian Point’s closure in a few weeks.
Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter tells News 12 the departure of Indian Point is going to cause a 30% deficit to the budget. They had to think of ways to cut costs and this is one way.
Otherwise, families may face a 4.5% tax hike each year.
Some parents believe this will make students’ commute three or four times longer. But other parents say the option will give each student the same quality education which hasn’t always been the case.
"It seems like very small savings relative to the scope of the whole budget for the district,” says parent Nancy Henning. “A lot of us moved here for the neighborhood community schools."
Michelle Piccolo Hill agrees with the idea, saying in part, “One of the elementary schools has such a declining enrollment that honestly for next year, they're proposing having a first grade class of 11 children, while the other schools are going to have classes around 20, 22."
The school district confirmed to News 12 that the inequity in education also factored into its proposal.
The school board was expected to vote on the matter.