Exclusive video: Monhagen Middle School students seen on video in assault, knife attack of 13-year-old 

A 13-year-old from Middletown is in stable condition after suffering multiple stab wounds, according to police. 
News 12 has obtained exclusive video of the Monhagen Middle School knife attack Wednesday in Middletown. 
Crowds of children are heard screaming in the hallway where the young victim is seen corned and punched by several students. The video shows one of the students stab the victim while he’s punched by other classmates. 
Town of Wallkill police are investigating the incident and say the 13-year-old assailant suffered minor injuries and was arrested. 
Middletown parent Rick Ramos says his son was bullied by the same group of kids last month, and tried to tell the school the day before the attack that the students had a knife on campus. 
“My son is telling them the whole time, ‘I said another student in the school has a knife in his book bag. It’s going around the school, that’s what’s being told – they have a knife.’ They didn’t want to listen to him. They’re like, ‘no,’ saying you’re not telling the truth or nothing.” 
Ramos says his son was sent a death threat on social media last month by students in November saying he was going to be stabbed and killed. 
The father says his son, who is 14 years old, was suspended on Tuesday for trying to report the knife because the school thought he was lying.  
The Middletown School District has not commented on if administration was alerted to the weapon on campus ahead of the attack.