East Ramapo SD lays off dozens of employees, combines classes to cut costs

Nearly three dozen jobs are on the chopping block in East Ramapo schools.
It's part of a series of cost-cutting measures by the district, which has described its financial status as unsustainable.
The district just announced 32 employees will be laid off and classes will be combined.
In a letter, the interim superintendent says the cuts are a result of multiple issues, including not meeting the current contingent budget, state aid losses and the long-standing litigation with the NAACP that cost the district $4 million.
The district claims it already cut the number of assistant superintendents in half, reduced overstaffing and froze all external consultant contracts, saving the district $2.3 million.
The district did not specify how soon the cuts will happen.
Susan LoRusso, the president of the East Ramapo Teachers Association released the following statement: "The East Ramapo Teachers Association is profoundly disappointed to learn of the District’s plan to make upwards of 32 cuts directly from the classroom. It is devastating that such a large number of teachers will lose their jobs mid-year, which will directly result in students and families suffering as well. Making these cuts in the middle of the school year will disrupt the relationships that have been built between teachers and students over the past five months and will add additional social and emotional strain to students and families already suffering from disruptions caused by COVID-19. Classes will have to be collapsed, creating a ripple effect that negatively impacts far more than the classes of these 32 teachers. Many students will be forced to change their classes and/or teachers mid year. Hundreds of students, families and teachers will be impacted by these cuts in some fashion. It’s disastrous for all involved and we urge the District to reconsider their decision."