Dobbs Ferry neighbors rally after T-shirt sent to people of color warning them to respect village

Residents in Dobbs Ferry rallied Thursday afternoon after a T-shirt that warned people to respect the village was allegedly sent to people of color moving into the community.
The rally against hate, inequality and racism was held at the Dobbs Ferry Waterfront.
The T-shirts, which were allegedly sent last week to a number of Black and Asian residents, were left on their driveways and doorsteps.
The hateful message printed on the shirts warned the families to, in part, go back to where they came from if they didn't like the way things are.
"I hope we can educate people and encourage our allies to stick with us," said Kelli Scott, an organizer of the rally. "It's important to this moment they stick with us even when it's not popular anymore. It's important that we have allies."