Crowd gathers for Kirk Cameron's controversial book reading at Scarsdale Public Library

Actor Kirk Cameron was in Westchester Friday to promote his new children's book that has garnered controversy over its theme.
Hundreds of parents brought their kids to the Scarsdale Public Library as Cameron held multiple book readings.
The “Growing Pains” star railed against schools and other public institutions teaching about gender and race while sending a message of pro-parental choice in schools.
His book, “As You Grow,” is a religious-themed book that promotes evangelical ideas to kids.
“Let's continue to work together with others across the nation to see a revival and resurgence of the values and principles that made this the greatest country in the world,” Cameron said.
Dozens of libraries across the country denied Cameron's request to host a book reading event, but the Scarsdale Public Library said it was bound by the First Amendment to let Cameron and his team rent a public meeting room.
People who showed up to hear him speak said he represents the values he holds.
“Everything in his book and what he's fighting for, that's what we believe. So I just had to come here and support him,” said Peekskill resident Diana Baez.
Opponents call his rhetoric hateful and unfit for Scarsdale.
“It's just disguised in a cute little children's book and that's unfortunate because people might read it or hear it and think this is OK but it's not,” said Scarsdale parent Melissa Levine.
Some say they do not believe his message reflects that of the village.
“Everything that he has said represents the exact opposite of what Scarsdale is all about: inclusion, welcoming, and being a loving community,” said Scarsdale parent Amanda Levin.
Some people never got a chance to hear Cameron speak after his one-hour time slot ended with people still waiting outside.