COVID-19 antibody therapy cocktail to soon be available at Mount Kisco hospital

Now that the FDA granted emergency authorization for the COVID-19 antibody therapy cocktail - similar to the one used to treat President Donald Trump - it will soon be available at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco.
Doctors say the antibody cocktail is made by both Regeneron and a second drug made by Eli Lilly.
Dr. Marla Koroly, chief medical officer at Northern Westchester Hospital, says the IV drug will be available at the beginning of December at an infusion center that will be set up inside a field hospital at Northern Westchester Hospital to help treat those in the beginning stages of COVID-19.
Doctors say in order to get the drug, people must be be diagnosed with COVID-19 within three days, be over 65 with at least one risk factor such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or be 12 and older with at least one risk factor such as asthma.
The infusion center will be set up right outside Northern Westchester Hospital. The infusion will be administered through an IV and would take about an hour, and then people can go home, but they have to continue self-isolation.
Medical professionals say to meet the criteria to receive the drug, people must first be assessed by your doctor.