Book tells tale of Newburgh rescue-turned-firedog after becoming TikTok sensation

A rescue-turned-firedog in Orange County now has a book written about him - after the popular pooch became an internet sensation last year.
Nick, the Newburgh firedog, is not only one of the guys at the city fire department, he's also an internet sensation on TikTok.
His fame is due to Assistant Chief Tim Dexter, who posted Nick on TikTok last year, which got 86,000 views - and gave Dexter the idea to write a children's book about him.
Nick's story began in 2016 when firefighters found him - ironically, tied to a fire hydrant.
"He was just really kind and got along with all the firemen working. He ended up staying here forever," says Dexter.
Nick goes on calls and helps firefighters teach kids about fire prevention.
He's well known locally, but the book may take his stardom to the next level.
"People love animals. He's a pit bull which generally gets a bad rap and the worst thing he's going to do is lick you to death," says Dexter.
"The True Story of Nick the Firedog" is on sale on Amazon.