Yorktown businessman accused of scheme to steal $15,000 in merchandise from Home Depot

A Yorktown businessman who was a longtime highway superintendent in the town is now facing several larceny charges.
Eric DiBartolo is accused of obtaining about $15,000 worth of merchandise from the Home Depot in Cortland without paying for it.
County police say the 59-year-old acted in conjunction with a store employee.
They say on 23 separate occasions, DiBartolo allegedly went to the same cashier who only rang up a small portion of the items he left the store with.
It's alleged that he would then give the employee a small payment in exchange for undercharging him.
DiBartolo and 58-year-old Tyrone Bass, of Cortlandt Manor, face charges including grand larceny, petit larceny and scheme to defraud.
Both men have future court dates in Cortlandt Town Court.